The mission of the Maris Grove Computer Club is to provide residents with a friendly creative environment in which they can keep up with the ongoing changes in computer and digital technology and are able to improve their individual capability to securely and safely use such technology.

Our team is made up entirely of volunteers with residents helping other residents improve their digital skills and knowledge.  We are especially happy to find new volunteers who share our interests.

If you would like to join us, do not hesitate to contact us.  A helping hand is always greatly appreciated!


Chair                                    Frank Altrichter
Vice Chair/Program          Hugh Ward
Treasurer                            open
Secretary                            Bob Richmond
IPhone Series                     Becky Diamond
TV / Video / Publicity        Mary Ann Starkey
A/V Equipment                   Hugh Ward
Librarian                              Anita Ruane
Website Editor                    Frank Altrichter
Website Administrator      Frank Altrichter
IT Liaison                            Enrico Mitchell


Meets 2nd Tuesday at 2pm to 3:30pm, online via Zoom.  No meetings in July or August.

The Computer Club is available to all residents who want to learn how to use, maintain and enjoy their computers, tablets and smart phones.  Classes include both problem solving and demonstrations of common applications and are designed to promote exchange of knowledge and expertise among our members.  Classes that focus on specific Windows or MAC based applications are offered periodically.

Visitors are welcome to attend any presentation. One can become a member by paying the annual membership fee (currently FREE).  Just let us know you want to be a member and we will add your name to meeting notification list.

A Short History of The Computer Club by Jack Collette (Oct 2016)


Devices Used By Computer Club Members(2016)