Democratic Club

Maris Grove Democratic Club

John Schoenberger, 610-459-2090 SR-301
Jean Holveck, 610-558-3992 VW-418

Information: 3rd Wednesday of each month, 1PM-2PM, Cardinal Classroom

A group of Democratic residents at Maris Grove.

Maris Grove Democratic Indivisible Club

Contacts:  Joan Spiegelman, 484-841-6113, EP-517
Information: Every Monday, 11AM-12PM, Cardinal Classroom

Residents with an active interest in government, politics and a desire to be involved, meet to discuss issues that result in concrete actions that residents can take.


Municipal Primary Election on May 18, 2021


Four Ballot Questions

Vote in the Primary Election and Vote for the Ballot Questions.

Concord Precinct 4 and Concord Precinct 5
Cardinal Clubhouse in the Catering Room