MG Neighborhood group

Group Leaders:
Frank Alrichter, OT 318,   301 680 9225
Jan Ewing VW-307 856 546-0391


No in-person meetings. Uses web based to facilitate communications.

Description: The MG Neighborhood is a community forum just for Maris Grove residents. Residents can quickly communicate with other residents using the website Looking for a doctor or other recommendation? Something to sell or buy? Do you have a question that fellow residents can quickly answer about life at Maris Grove? Create a private group just for your club, group or just neighbors on your floor.

IMPORTANT privacy information – PLEASE READ:
When you create a message, be sure to click the box at top that defaults to “everyone” and select “your neighborhood Glenn Mills MG only” so that it is limited to just us MG residents. Otherwise the default is to send the message to EVERYONE in the nearby neighborhoods which may be thousands of people. Of course, if you want to send a public message to all neighborhoods, leave option at “to everyone”. The goal of us using Nextdoor is to primarily keep Maris Grove discussions private (within our Glen Mills MG neighborhood) but that is your option. 

    Getting STARTED with Nextdoor:

1- using your web browser (Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, et) go to the Nextdoor site to create an account ..

When creating account, you must use your building number address in the format: xxx maris grove way, apt xxx, glen mills, PA. 19342   Click Here for Maris Grove Map with Building Numbers

2- How to browse and follow other neighborhoods     The default setting when you create a new account is for you to see items posted to Glen Mills MG (our private neighborhood) AND the surrounding neighborhoods (like Glen Mills West).  This may result in many posts that are of no interest to Maris Grove residents. Instructions on how to follow or unfollow surrounding neighborhoods is at:
Note.. If you need to add neighborhoods to follow, go to  and find the neighborhood. Click the neighborhood name and it should appear in left window. At top right of that window, click the “Follow this neighborhood”. 

3- Other Newsfeed preferences and be set at:Customize the daily news and local information from Nextdoor that you see on your feed”
It is here that you can select “See relevant posts from more neighbors outside your immediate area” and “Customize the daily news and local information from Nextdoor that you see on your feed”.

4- Other privacy settings are at:
We recommend that you set all the options to “Your Neighborhood” to only show information to MG residents. 

5- Notifications:  When someone posts a message or event to Nextdoor, you can view the message (s) by going to  There is also an option to get a daily or weekl email that shows all new messages and/or get notifications on you smartphone or tablet. The notification setting are changed at

    Sharing an account with your spouse or partner

We recommend that each person who uses Nextdoor create their own account. We have found that members prefer their neighbors to have individual, rather than shared, accounts so that they know exactly with whom they’re communicating.

Each resident of a household can join Nextdoor using their own email address. However, if you are sharing a computer with another member, be sure to sign out of your account when you exit Nextdoor so that other members of your household can sign into their own accounts.

If you and your spouse/partner only have one email address or would still prefer to share an account, you can edit the name on your profile to reflect both of your names.

     How to join Nextdoor at your second home:

You can join Nextdoor in neighborhoods outside of your primary residence where you own:  a second home, a rental property, or land where you’re planning to build a home. Right now, your email address can only be tied to one residential address on Nextdoor. To create an account in another neighborhood, you’ll need to join with an alternate email address when creating the account. 

If you’ve moved your primary residence, follow our instructions on changing your address.

If you need assistance please CLICK HERE for Nextdoor help pages or  contact any of these neighbors:
  • Frank Altrichter  OT-318 301 680 9225
  • Jan Ewing VW-307 
  • Marshall Hatfield VW-307
  • Pat Johnson OT-305
  • Walter Weeks BC-521
  • Rosemary McCloskey AS-307