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MGC Computer Club
100 Maris Grove Way
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Computer Help 

Computer Club Volunteer help for FREE!

Our club is comprised of many talented members who are willing to share their expertise with fellow residents to help solve minor PC/Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone problems. Effective, March 26, 2019 a new procedure is being implemented to get help with your computer related issue.

Just call 484-470-6405, listen to the recording that outlines what information is needed and leave a message. An appropriate Computer Club volunteer will return the call to offer help… via phone or meeting at a convenient location.

The volunteer service complements the Maris Grove IT support by providing help to residents for individual computer problems. There is no charge for this. Residents are welcome to make a donation to the Resident Care Fund for the assistance if they wish to.

If you would like to volunteer your skills to help fellow residents, please email us at

Erickson Resident Computer Services (professional computer help for a fee)

Mike Hill / Enrico Mitchell / Jareth Wolk  —  800.677.0211

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